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Enciclopedia is More Popular Than Encyclopedia

Cactus or, enciclopedia

Although both the world have the same meaning, people search more about enciclopedia than encyclopedia. The first one is an Italian word which indicates something like a repository of word, like a realm of information inside a book.

Difference Between Dictionary and Encyclopedia

The main difference is the elaboration of ideas. Dictionary indicates the meanings with other words and sometimes with a short note. But encyclopedia can gives you descriptive information about a particular topics, place, books, theatre or, anything else.

Size and Volume

It may contain one or more volumes- an encyclopedia have 118 volume, the largest in the world. Think about wikipedia you generally use it to find so many unknown terms. Its a digital form of encyclopedia. It may be large or may be comparatively smaller.

People belive that modern form of todays enciclopedia is developed from dictionaries. First century AD was the time when people create the form of encyclopedia for the first time. 

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SEO - 4 Ways to Get high Quality Backlinks

Get SEO backlinks

SEO has now become a choice of most of the website owners to get top positions in search engines. Large companies would have greater resources and the methods that they apply will have a significant impact. Personal website owners usually do seo method with the manual way because they have limited resources. However, you do not need to worry because there are many techniques to get top position in search engines. Follow my simple techniques to get top positions.

Backlinks are the most important element in SEO so you have to get backlinks with proper anchor text.
 Below are four ways to get backlinks.

1. Website directories are widely available and they offer paid and free services. You can find them with the help of search engines. Some webmasters have a shared list of web directories in their blog. To get a backlink from website directory, you must fill out an available form and some well-known directories have strict rules in selecting websites.

2. Writing articles is another way to get quality backlinks. This method is often called article marketing where you write articles and send them to popular article directories. You will place your link in the resource box area and most article directories allow you to place two links.

3. Press releases are the best way to get additional exposure because the press release website will syndicate your articles to news aggregator. Some websites provide a paid service that allows you to get exposure and visitors in a short time.

4. Blog commenting is a good way to get targeted visitors and backlinks. The first step is to find blogs through search engines. Most blog platforms provide comment form to provide a response to an article. You must provide relevant comments to gain valuable backlinks with this method.

One thing that I want to mention is that not only creating backlinks is enough you also have to index the backlinks, so they are useful to you.
Read how to index backlinks fast in google.

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